Supply List

Can you help?  The following is a list of supplies that are regularly used in the preschool classrooms.  Donations are not required, but very much appreciated!  Thank you for any supplies you can provide!

AM Classes

Gallon size Ziploc bags

Diaper wipes

2 boxes of Kleenex

Package of Elmer’s glue sticks

Package of crayons (16-24 colors)

Large, cheap paper plates for crafts

Washable markers

Water color paints

Sticky-back Velcro dots

PM Classes

Sandwich size Ziploc bags

2 rolls of paper towels

2 boxes of Kleenex

Elmer’s liquid school glue

Dry-erase markers

Sidewalk Chalk

Washable markers


Sticky-back Magnet Dots

Note:  Teachers may request some additional items at the time of parent conferences and throughout the school year as needed.    

Preschool Supply List