​​​​​​WSD3 Preschool
209 Leta Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80911
(719) 391-3375

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Contact Phone Numbers

WSD3 Preschool Program registration (719) 391-3375

Widefield Parks and Recreation programs (719) 391- 3523 or visit the Community Center website

CPCD Head start programs, (719) 635-1536 or visit the CPCD website


Beginning July 1st  Summer Office Hours are 7:00 to 3:30. (Although our office is open throughout the summer, it is recommended that you call ahead to ensure someone will be in the building when you arrive.)

  • School Year Office Hours 7:30-4:00

  • Morning Session 8:15-11:15

  • Afternoon Session 12:30-3:30