Student Quick Start Guide                       

  • This guide is meant to help you quickly get started with your schoolwork. Please see the Student User Guide (click Help) for additional instruction and information.

Learn / Assignments

  • This page allows you to see the Due date, Titles, Status and Info of each course assigned to you.  o Click anywhere on an assignment line to go directly into that assignment. o You CANNOT open future assignments. 

Learn / Courses

  • This page shows you a list of your courses, your score in each course (unit or assignment depending on the view), your progress, other information might include Start Date, Teacher, Status, and assignment Type.
    • Click any course Title to display the units in that course. o Click anywhere on the Unit row to see a list of all assignments in the unit. o Click anywhere on the assignment row to go directly into that assignment.
    • Click the left-facing arrow on the top row to go back to the unit or course view. 
  • You can only open already completed assignments or those in “Assigned” status.

Doing Assignments

  • Click any Teacher Notes (red notes) and read what is there.
  • Read all sections of the lesson, view the videos, slide shows, listen to the audio clips. 
  • Do the practice exercises, including vocabulary practice.
  • Click Work on Questions and answer each question at the bottom of the lesson
  • Click Next Question to go to next question.
  • Click the section button at top of screen to return to the lesson.
  • Click the Read Next Section button to move to the next section
  • Click the Turn It In button when finished with all questions in all sections.
  • Click Assignments or Courses (top of screen) to leave lesson without completing it.
  • Click the Ask For Help button to send a message to your teacher about this particular question.
  • Click the Printer icon to print this assignment with or without your notes.
  • Click the Reference icon (World) after you highlight text you want more information about.
  • Click the Translate icon to see the highlighted text in a different language.
  • Click the Text-to-Speech icon to hear highlighted text read aloud.